The New Orleans Scene began in the early 80’s and is still alive today…and as such, we are THE UNDERGROUND!

This blog was created as a tool for understanding the truth and reality of the best Music scene spawn from the pits of NOLA

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THE VFW HALL: 3113 Franklin Avenue

Back in the early 1980’s the scene was quite young and socially misunderstood. The youth of New Orleans started playing gigs in the backyards of our parents homes. The Underground was at it’s creation. Bands such as Virul Nihl and Nocturnal Doom were brutal and unrelenting. The scene had to grow to get this music to it’s fans. None of the local venues would hold our music, so we tried other ideas. The VFW hall at 3113 Franklin Avenue was a group of old fucks that needed some extra income to survive. They took us on…and without fail…The beginning of the scene was at hand. The small building was in the middle of urban New Orleans, aka “brown town,” and this was somewhat of a threat…however, these old fucks didn’t care what we did and that was perfect for our views. Bands such as Exhorder and Graveyard Rodeo brought in young minds from all over New Orleans. There were plenty of punks, skins, metal heads, derelics, vagrants, and other unwanted youth…and we had a place to congregate. The VFW Hall began to grow and we held such bands as St. Vitus, Confessor, and The Mentors. Scene life was flurishing and the other venues began opening their eyes to our stand. We spread and within about 10 years, Franklin Avenue was, unexpectedly, shut down.

We had other places to play such as Storyville Jazz Hall, Jed’s, and the Jefferson VFW, but they didn’t care for our music, the pits, and the scene all together. We even tried such ideas as setting up tents in City Park. This was a huge event that only lasted about 2 months. The tents in city park brought bands from all over such as SNOT and The Dehumanizers from San Francisco. Today, the venues are quite small with about 3 major places to hold gigs, but we are still alive and making a strong comeback. – B.E.G. 


4 responses to “About

  1. Joe Daut

    The tent gig is one of my favorite memories of touring in the 80’s.

  2. Joe, I’ll never forget watching you guys drive up in an old dragon wagon with The Dehumanizers spray painted on the side. Those were the best of times. Thanks for the reminder.

    • joe daut ⋅

      Agreed, those times and memories molded me in many ways. The “Dragon Wagon” that’s great. After the tent gig we headed off to Fayetteville? I think, for an evening gig. The dragon wagon broke down on the side of the road, the next exit was about 5 miles up the road. Zoli and I hitched hiked and got picked up by these two “Deliverance” types, playing country music loud and talking in a tongue which was hard to understand. They dropped us off at a gas station. Amazingly enough we got a hold of the club and Shane our roadie was there and said he would come back and get us. I told him I would wait by the exit on the freeway. Zoli walked back the the dragon wagon I waited on the side of the freeway. I could go on and on but I’ll say this I remember that night vividly. Pitch Black I mean Black, Louisiana night time Black, I couldn’t see my hand in front of me black. Noises of wildlife which sent shivers down my back every 2 minutes. Two unmarked Detective cars stopped and questioned me. They told me to be careful because there were two escaped convicts in the area known to be extremely Violent, oh and there’s Gators out here to (that’s what I was hearing in the woods behind me). Talk about a time to think and reflect on your choices. (I should have gone back to the dragon wagon)
      Well it all worked out but yes, the “Tent Gig” Great Memories, Great Times. I laugh whenever I think about that.


  3. Wow…crazy story. But, I’ve been there a couple of times. Not Fayetteville, but side of the road blackness with crocs and police cars. Gotta love the South!

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