R.I.P. – tribute

Mike Hatch (Hatch Boy) – Shell Shock
Craig Spera – Flagrantz , Perdition
Audie Pitre – Acid Bath
Steve Csillag – Intrepid Bastards
Scott Williams – Soilent Green
Jake Frieze – Infant Slug
Danny Guidry – Sudden Relapse/Trauma
Ryan Morrison – Daisy/Structural Damage
Cliff Rayburn, Jr. – Weedeater (NOLA)
Glenn Marshall Rambo – Nuclear Crucifixtion/Soilent Green
Jim Buckner – Culpa
Roland White – Holy Terror
Criss Drunk – The LA Phantoms
D. Miller – The LA Phantoms
Brian Turd – Dem Nasty Habits / Uptown O’Fays
Galito – Paralysis
Colby Watkins – Atone Pain Tribe
Frankie Sparcello – Exhorder
Jim “Big J” McGinnis (Big J Productions / The Rock Factory)
Sean E. Ward – The Big Evil Clown
Scott Boyce – BIG RED
Champ LaRocca – Suffocation By Filth


2 responses to “R.I.P. – tribute

  1. Michelle Weston ⋅

    We miss you, RIP Champ, Malcolm & Sheli

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